Why you choose a professional baker?

On the day of your wedding, you don’t want to have to worry about your cake arriving at the venue ready to go.  One of the questions you should always ask your baker is how do you deliver cakes.  Are the tiers pre stacked?  How do you keep them cold?  Are they prepared for issues and emergencies?


One of the cakes I insure that my cakes arrive chilled, and safe is using a cake safe.  The cake safe allows for quick assembly, as the cake is already fully assembled before delivery. It keeps the chilled and protected on the drive, with the center rod ensuring no shifting of the tiers.  Since tiers are assembled before loading, there is less chance of any issues arising with decorations.  However just in case I always carry a stocked full emergency kit, just in case, for life’s emergencies.

Cakesafe is just one tool that I use to ensure that cakes arrive in perfect style.

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