What is right for your wedding? Things to consider.

What can be more vexing then trying to figure out the perfect cake for your wedding day?  Flavors, designs, cakes, cupcakes….. it is a lot to consider.  While you may already have an idea about what you are looking for, here are some things to consider when making decisions.

Design:  This is a big one and will really set the tone for your other decisions.  While Pinterest is an amazing tool for ideas, remember that design came from a specific baker, so replicating it can be hard and makes the cake not unique to you.  It also doesn’t give you an idea on what that cake cost.  A good rule of thumb is the more elaborate the cake, the more it will cost.  That doesn’t mean you sacrifice your dream cake to save money, but be open to suggestions from your baker.  Narrow down the elements that you really like and the ones you can live without.  Keep in mind the number of servings you will need.  You want to estimate at least 90% of your guest count will eat cake. Your baker can guide you on how to achieve your wish list and not break the bank.

Budget:  This can make a big difference in what you order, so be prepared to discuss it.  Fitting a 6 tier wedding cake into a $200 budget is just impossible.  Setting a realistic budget is so important for you and the baker.  It allows the baker to make the best cake possible but also stick to your price range.  Remember this is your wedding, don’t go into the consult like you are at a car dealer store setting the price low and working your way up.  Find the limit you are comfortable with and be honest about it.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the cost and ways to save as well.  Again, trust your baker.

Flavors:  The first rule I tell any bride… This is your day!!  Everyone else is your guest.  While you want to please your guests, you also want to make your day unique to you.  While you may love unique flavors, you may want to off set that with a simpler flavor that can be more universal.  Don’t be afraid of using different flavors on your cake.  Your baker can give you sage advise on unique and pleasing flavor combinations.

Cupcakes:  The wonderful world of cupcakes, a small package with big taste.  They are so small and delicious it certainly wont hurt to have more then 1 right?  That is what most guests will think, especially if you have different flavor cupcakes.  Be aware that if you have 100 guests and you order 100 cupcakes in 2 flavors, you will run out.  You can never have too many cupcakes and having left overs is just a nice addition to the honeymoon.  Over order cupcakes!

Cutting and Serving:  Cutting and serving a wedding cake is not easy!  It is simply not the same as ordering a sheet cake and cutting out nice squares.  If you are having the wedding catered, ask the caterer if he or she will be cutting and serving the cake.  Be prepared when most say no.  Instructions can be found online or provided by your baker.  Then give them to a close friend to memorize before the big day.  You can ask the baker if he or she will cut and serve, however keep in mind there is a charge for the time spent.  Staying to cut a cake is one less event that could be done.

Always remember that it is not impossible to get what you want, but be prepared to make concessions on things that matter less, so you can get the things that matter most.  Bakers want to make your day special and will work very hard to do so.

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